Resources in Development (RiD)

Founded in 2015 as a sustainable development- oriented NGO, by a team of experts with considerable experience in the development sector.

RiD contributes on the sustainable economic, social, cultural development of the communities where operates, based on the protection and optimal usage of their natural and human resources.

About us

“Resources in development” – RiD NGO is a sustainable development-oriented NGO located in Albania and operating in national and the wider region. Established in 2015, its purpose is to support and stimulate sustainable, economic, and social development of economies in transition, increase of employment, improve of youth, women, and marginalized groups skills & capacities. To achieve this RiD works with private and public institutions, academia, and civil society, undertaking capacity building activities to strengthen public and private institutions, higher education institutions, media, and civil society.

RiD has constantly followed an inclusive approach and through years it also offered business support operations to companies looking to expand in the domains of innovation, sustainability, environmental practices by providing technical and operational support in project design, management, access to finance, business plans, building strategies, business modelling, monitoring, and assessing development plans.


Socio-Economic and Territorial development, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Inclusive Markets, Tourism, Agriculture, Democracy and Local Government Issues, Local and Regional Development, Education and Health, Capacities and Institutions Development, European Integration Issues, Micro-Finance, Monitoring, Evaluation of Program Policies and Projects, Environmental Protection and Gender Issues.


Our Services

Our Projects

  • “Tirana – The City of Nomads- Towards a nomads digital friendly city. Tirana County
  • Techstars Hackathon- Business Modelling based on Lean Canva format, Shkoder County, 2023
  • Techstars Hackathon- Business Modelling based on Lean Canva format, in Shkoder county, 2022 
  • “Good Startup School”, Business Incubator Shkoder County, 2023
  • “Good Startup School” Business Incubator in Shkoder, 2022
  • “From Vulnerability to Entrepreneurship”, 2022 Shkoder County
  • “Orbita – Innovation HUB” (Consortium with the lead partner Ngo – GO2) – 2020/2021 Shkoder County
  • Training curricula elaboration on “Financial management of a small enterprise”-2019, National coverage
  • Business Support Operations through technical, strategic and management consultancies for different businesses operating especially in the rural North Albania. Consulted on access to finance applications, project design, business plans, market research, export improvement, value chain analysis, expansion plans, developing strategies etc (2017- ongoing)
  • “Postriba- A destination to be developed” – 2017/2018, Shkoder
  • “Economic development through the community inclusion in decision making”- 2016/2017, Shkoder County
  • The sustainable use of mushrooms in the Protected Area of Kelmendi, contributing to the protection of biodiversity and the development of the local community in the area, 2024
  • Assessment and report on “Habitat Distribution, Descriptions and Threats in The Buna River and Coastal part of Buna/Bojana Protected Landscape”, 2022
  • Assessment and report on “ Climate change risks and its effects in Buna river velipoje protected landscape”, 2022
  • Wetland Index 2022, elaborated for the Buna river velipoje protected landscape.
  • “Scout Movement” throughVia Dinarica”- 2021 (In collaboration with Lead Partner SDI Ngo)
  • Drafting of Baldushk Forest Management Plan – 2020
  • “Public awareness about protected areas in Shkoder” – 2017/2018 (In collaboration with GO2 Ngo), Shkoder County
  • Monitoring of public services delivered in the national context under the project “Support on the public services improvement in Albania” – in collaboration with GO2 Ngo 2018, National coverage
  • Active citizen’s committees to monitor the local government in Shkoder County – 2016/2017


  • “VIJA” Journal- monthly publication on Protected Areas in 4 counties in North of Albania elaborated in collaboration with GO2 NGO, 2017 -2021
  • Documentary on the protected areas in the North region, Shkoder, Lezhe, Kukes, Diber, Puke and the Econord Project implemented by ALCDF Albania” Leveraging the Capacities of the civil society in North of Albania” including the work of other 27 CSO collaborating with RiD, 2018
  • Report on “Habitat Distribution, Descriptions and Threats in The Buna River and Coastal part of Buna/Bojana Protected Landscape”, 2022
  • Report on “Climate change risks and its effects in Buna River velipoje protected landscape”, 2022

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